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Watermelon Hibiscus Single Stick

Free Watermelon Hibiscus Single Stick

Livin is Real Kombucha

First it’s brewed and then dried into powder form. ​Our kombucha is packed with probiotics and antioxidants to support immunity and digestive health.​ It's kombucha that goes where you go.

1 Billion CFU
Natural Flavors

Why Livin


Less sugar compared to the current top 5 kombucha brands


Daily Vitamin C


Daily Vitamin B12


The cost of traditional Kombucha and goes wherever you want it to!


Probiotics per stick!

What People Say

LIVIN totally exceeded my expectations... as a self-declared kombucha snob, I was a little hesitant about a powder form of my favorite drink, but I can honestly say I was happily surprised! And the best part is? I can take it with me on vacation (whether that’s driving to the beach or riding in a plane).

Elisabeth R.

5 Star Review

Lemon Ginger is the best! It’s super refreshing, especially in the heat waves we keep getting in Southern California.

Jake Z.

5 Star Review

Livin kombucha is perfect for my active lifestyle.

Sam C.

5 Star Review

LIVIN is how I stay healthy as an essential healthcare worker.

Katelyn W.

5 Star Review

I love Mixed Berry! LIVIN is so convenient. All I need is a bottle of water to have ice cold kombucha anytime, anywhere.

Katherine Z.

5 Star Review