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Stress Less. Live More!

Our products support an active lifestyle with on-the-go convenience. Affordability and accessibility are the values our company is built on. We want everyone to be out LIVIN their best life.

Time to Mix it Up!

Are we the only ones that think paying $4 for kombucha is nuts?! What about the inconvenience of glass and having to keep it refrigerated?

What We Did

We made probiotics portable, affordable, and delicious. ​Now, your kombucha goes where you go, in a convenient stick pack to allow you to keep on LIVIN.

Our Story

We believe everyone should have access to products that help bring out the best in them. We also want you to be able to bring those products with you, wherever you go.

Gut health and a strong immune system make up the foundation of a healthy individual. When you are not properly absorbing the nutrients from your food or often getting sick, it is tough to live your best life! That's why we made LIVIN kombucha, packed with probiotics and antioxidants to support immunity and digestive health. Start LIVIN so you can keep LIVIN!

Our Kombucha

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