Wed, Nov 11, 20

Benefits of Powder Kombucha

A Better Booch 

We already know Kombucha is great for gut health and a strong immune system, so how could it get any better? 

We thought long and hard and came up with a solution

One way is to make it more portable and affordable. How often have you craved a glass of kombucha at work or on the go and can’t make it to the store? You may not have a refrigerator near by and people don't typically stock up on booch at home. That’s exactly why we created a powder Kombucha in a stick with on-the-go convenience. We believe in an affordable and accessible Kombucha that fits with any lifestyle. 

The NEW Powder Kombucha 

So, is this real kombucha?

We make it into a powder when everyone else is already in a bottle? Our Kombucha is brewed the traditional way using a concentrated tea infusion and scoby. Once the fermentation process is finished we have a more intense and stronger flavor than typical kombucha thanks to the concentrated tea. We didn’t stop there, because we dried our fermented tea under specific temperatures and pressure to convert it into the powder. We went an extra step and added Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin C and B12, plus an electrolyte blend that will have you feeling energized and ready to live it up! The finished product is a powder Kombucha in 3 delicious flavors that help support strong immune and gut health. 

If you’re not convinced and haven't already ordered already, here are a couple more reasons our powdered kombucha is beneficial - 

Made For On-The-Go

Yes other Kombuchas are technically portable, but ours was made for life on the go. With our convenient kombucha sticks, you’ll be able to bring it anywhere and everywhere!

Traveling with Kombucha is now much easier. Since you can’t bring liquid through TSA, we came up with a solution to have a delicious drink 30,000 feet in the air. All you will need is your LIVIN Kombucha and to grab some water on the other side of security. 

Whether you Go Into the Office or Work From Home, having a daily cup of Kombucha will help maintain your digestive health and immune support. It’s everything you need to get through the work week; electrolytes to hydrate you from the night before and a little natural occurring caffeine for an afternoon pick me up. 

Outdoor Recreation is not only good for our souls, but also great for our physical well being. Whether you are hiking, biking or even paddle boarding our Kombucha Sticks support an active lifestyle with on-the-go convenience. 

You will now be Road Trip Ready. You don't have to stop at the convenience store or keep your drinks refrigerated. ​With 10 in a box, you’ll be sure to keep all passengers happy.